Brett Castro "Picture Perfect"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

New York inhabitant and rising artist Brett Castro just released his debut single “Picture Perfect”. The multi-instrumentalist does more than just write music, he produced and engineered his own track from the ground up. Some of Castro’s biggest influences include Bon Iver, The Avett Brothers, and Prince. Brett will be releasing his next highly anticipated single sometime early next year. You can find and follow him here on Fanburst.

Brett Explains where the inspiration for the new track “Picture Perfect” came from,
“The inspiration for ‘Picture Perfect’ comes from me always feeling like because of shit going on around me, I had to be the glue of the house, like I always had to be happy and smiling. But when looking back, that wasn’t always true”
There is that catchiness and awful truth that comes with the single “Picture Perfect”. You will most likely be able to feel the intense and passionate meaning behind it for we can relate and recount the times we had to put on our smiles and give it our best. This is a story of what was endured and how he’s shaking it off.
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