Quix*O*Tic-sounding band alert: Brute Heart

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Brute Heart

If you’re going to claim that you sound like Quix*O*Tic—and
the band that subsequently rose from their ashes, White Magic—you’d better
come ready to back that shit up. Thankfully, Minnesota trio Brute Heart does more than an adequate job,
and this first single off their forthcoming Soft Abuse album, Lonely Hunter, is going on this list of
new stuff I’ve heard this month that is totally making me revisit my claim that
music sucks, and that we’re all going to die totally unfulfilled when the Mayan
calendar runs out.

(Also of note: If it's true that two out of the three members of this band are actually named Crystal, like I'm led to believe by the press release, then that gives them license to be making music like this.)

Brute Heart, “Blindfolded”