Caethua, “Ode to Joey”

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Halloween is approaching, so for all of those looking for the perfect soundtrack to that seance they were holding in the middle of the desert underneath the rising blood moon, look no further. Clare Hubbard aka Clay Camero aka Caethua creates darkly psychedelic folk songs that are as delightful as they are spooky. Sort of like if Neil Young and Patti Smith tripped acid in an abandoned ghost town and recorded an album together.

Her latest track, “Ode to Joey”, gives you an erie and hypnotic decent into madness with its desert-like poetics and entrancing pace. As the song beats its horse to a grinding halt, Camero whispers a line that sounds like something straight out an old folk tale. “We have been traveling together for hundreds of miles, hundreds of lives, hundreds of years, the landscape has never been bleaker. And it seems like we have always been in search for water.”

From the album art to her sound, Caethua really has the mystic folk genre down to a T and is worth putting on your music devices as the leaves start to change. Although you should wait for the witching hour, you can stream “Ode to Joey” below.

Caethua’s Red Moon is available to order on Bathetic.