Can Lushlife be trusted?

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I watch this video of Lushlife performing an acoustic version of CRU's classic hit “Just Another Case” and I can't be mad. It makes sense. It is not a drastic departure from the original, just stripped. Kudos to Lushlife.

I read the Lushlife press release and I struggle not to freak out on my keyboard with a tirade about the fusion of Ariel Pink with hip hop. I want to run to the nearest hipster hookah joint playing this record and start punching everything; hookahs, hipsters, baristas, belly dancers; maybe I'll rip down tapestries.

But that's just this record on paper. Truthfully, listen to “In Soft Focus” featuring Elzhi and try to hate. Go to his Myspace page, check out “Another Word For Paradise” with Camp Lo. Act like Lushlife didn't lace a sultry gem for the Lower homies. Act like he didn't hold his own next to the duo.

Lushlife, “In Soft Focus” (Feat. Ariel Pink & Elzhi)

It goes to say, you can't judge a rapper by his couture.

Lushlife's full length Cassette City (grumble) is out now on Rapster.