Casino Hearts, “Somewhere With You”

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For those unfamiliar, Jacob Rubek is most known as the singer and guitarist for Nevada-based surf group Surf Curse, but when he’s not fulfilling that role, he’s writing and recording scads of bedroom pop songs under the moniker of Casino Hearts. He’s little more than a year into this project, and Rubek already has six self-released albums as Casino Hearts, which would be an impressive output for someone’s main project, let alone a side-project. What’s more, Rubek shows no signs of slowing down, as he just debuted his new single “Somewhere With You”.

The new song is everything you’d expect from the current crop of lo-fi artists: washed-out guitar, airy vocals, electronic drums, and plenty of tape hiss. Barely audible beneath layers of fuzz, Rubeck sings vaguely uplifting bummer lines like, “Talking all night, Everything is right / The party’s moving slow, And I just want to go / Somewhere With You.” It’s dripping with sincerity and keen pop-sensibilities, and has plenty of quirky little ideas thrown in the mix, like a sample from an old television show and the cheesiest drum machine known to man.

You can listen to “Somewhere With You” below.