Cee-Lo Green covers Band Of Horses

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Cee-Lo Green is one of the few living individuals that has earned the right to call himself a “soul machine.” Come August he'll declare himself a lady killer, but one listen to his Band Of Horses cover is all it takes to know he's justified in his declaration.

The countrified soul of Band Of Horses' “No One's Gonna To Love You” gets adjusted into a heavy hum of bass and dance-synths, which would sound hella corny without Cee-Lo moaning in his signature croon. The power of Cee-Lo's vocal cords never cease to amaze me. The video paints the songs' impaling lyrics as a lustful young fling, but Cee-Lo's vocals suggest a pain that lasts well beyond a wild road trip.

This video is NSFW, so be careful where you view:

Cee-Lo Green Is The Lady Killer is out August 9.