CFCF got slow jamz

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CFCF like its R&B chopped and screwed. The sound might be jolting at first, but it's probably because the tussin has yet to hit your system. Take a few more healthy sips and the sexy crawl of the 808s will sink into your faded skull.

CFCF, government name Michael Silver, compiled a 40-minute mix titled Slow R&B For Zellers Locations Canada-Wide. The mix is one long mp3, which is slowly becoming one of our favorite formats for some strange reason that has a little to do with Cool Calm Pete's Over You OST. CFCF's slow burning mix will have you getting lost in watching your nag champa smoke twist and dance into your ceiling fan. It's going to take a special lady to be into a chopped and screwed R&B mix, as those sensual baritone speaking parts (you know the ones like Boyz II Men used to do that began with “baby…”) are slightly uncomfortable in this context. But if she's into it, you ride that gravy train to the morning light, homeboy.

Download CFCF's Slow R&B For Zellers Locations Canada-Wide here.