Chain and the Gang, Eleanor Friedberger, and others play Jonathan Toubin benefit

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As we all know by now, Jonathan Toubin was struck by a taxi that drove straight into his hotel room in Portland, Oregon, while he was sleeping. He's been in the ICU since the accident. Here's the latest update from the IHeartJT Facebook page on his health, posted two days after Christmas:

“Jonathan Toubin, DJ and conductor of New York Night Train, is still in the hospital in Portland, OR, after his accident there on Dec. 8. He remains in critical condition in the ICU but is currently stable. Jonathan has made significant strides in his recovery in the last several days.

His bone fractures are beginning to heal, and his other injuries are improving. The wounds from the broken glass are also starting to heal. He shows no signs of any infection other than in his lungs, and that is better. He is sedated against the pain and has periods of consciousness during which he is able to move his head and limbs and can communicate with gestures and his eyes–even made a joke! He is getting foot massages to help with circulation and swelling, and has begun some hand therapy. Today he had the endotracheal tube removed and replaced with a tracheotomy for the ventilator to assist with his breathing.
All this is good and reassuring news. The trauma team and the ICU do not “fix” their patients; they do what is necessary to help the body heal itself, and Jonathan is slowly on the road to recovery. He will remain in the ICU for a while yet and then will be moved to a room in another unit in the same hospital.
Jonathan continues to need your love and positive energy for his recovery. Please keep him in your thoughts.”
Meanwhile, we have a new benefit to announce at Music Hall of Williamsburg on January 12th. The poster is below, and you can order tickets here. Chain and the Gang (Ian Svenonius's Socialist soul outfit), Eleanor Friedberger, 5 Dollar Priest, Nicole Atkins, Dorit Chrystler and theremin, Shilpa Ray, and AN AMERICAN DREAM will all play, along with DJs JG Thirwell, Jim Sclavunos, and Mick Collins. Also: raffles!