Chance The Rapper, “Prom Night” (Ellie Herring Remix)

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Chance The Rapper, Ellie Herring Remix

Of the serendipitous happenings we enjoy in the Impose HQ two things coming together as one ranks high. It doesn't always work, like milkshakes and tequila, but we still enjoy the process of trial and error. The upside is when a killer combination falls into our lap like this Ellie Herring remix of Chance The Rapper's “Prom Night”.

Dedicated to Ellie's friends deserving of Ferraris and matching tiaras, the Prom Night Remix transforms the soul-sprung original from 10 Days into a 2 a.m. driving anthem through empty Metropolis veins. With a Midwest connection in common, Chance sounds right at home in Ellie's hyper-dub meshed with glitch hop production.

Chance The Rapper's Acid Rap is out now, as is Ellie Herring's Kite Day EP via Racecar.