Chat Logs, “Mooks”

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If there is ever a question of coming correct, you might look no further than Chat Logs. On their upcoming release, Am I Right or Am I Right?, the band all but stomps the question into submission with their fierce brand of no-wavey metal-hybrid crushing jams. “Mooks”, the track for which we have the exclusive below, starts out as approachable as day, then becomes something slightly darker, then completely devolves into a caustic mess birthed from a fire that will melt your skin right off your body. Along with its companion “Turned Heel”, this 10″ EP release aims to burn you to the ground, never to build you back up again.

The EP will be available for digital download and 10″ purchase on October 26 here through Already Dead Records. The band is celebrating by throwing a sick party (with an even doper lineup) at Shea Stadium, details for which are below.

October 26 at Shea Stadium
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Master of Ceremonies: Sam Mickens