Child Bite, “Begin The Hiss”

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Child Bite

The faces of Child Bite have twisted into a wry, crooked smile on “Begin The Hiss”, which is fittingly menacing title. Leading up to now the sea changes were child-like elation from 8-bit meddlings, wide-mouth yelps riding soaring guitar riffs down the side of a mountain and the jazzy cool of sax-skronk. The Michigan boys have never sought trend, nor mass appeal, but stuck to their guns, unless a strange new gun came along to test fire. Child Bite is a band that never says no to creative input either internally or welcoming a new member.

On “Begin The Hiss” former DD/MM/YYYY drummer Moshe Rozenburg joins the Michigan dudes, probably by way of Windsor, for a track that's borderline doom/stoner rock, were it not for Rozenburg's pitter-pat and Shawn Knight commiting to his role as a Dave Thomas (no, not the Wendy's guy) in the early 70s. There's plenty of Pere Ubu's Evil Twin to Child Bite on “Begin The Hiss”, but they never step on the toes. Why would they? Evil twins are out for their own takings.

The Monomania 10″ EP is limited to 500 pressing on bright green vinyl with hand-made artwork screen printed by Knight.

Child Bite, “Begin The Hiss”

Child Bite's Monomania 10″ EP is out March 27 on Joyful Noise.