Chris Clarke, The Move Maker Mixtape

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chris clarke

L.A.'s Chris Clarke drops the The Move Maker mixtape with production by Exile, Double K of People Under the Stairs and a few done by himself (themselves?).

The Move Maker mixtape arrived in my inbox without any bio information. Clarke merely listed the featured artists and producers, which is wise as its the mixtape's hype builder. Exile laced him with a bouncy jammy called “What's Happening” that leaves Clarke with plenty of room to brag his ass off. Double K chops up some Shaftesque funk licks for “Mouthwash” and Clarke brings in Count Bass D, Father Rah and Pause to fill out those desired 16 bars. Clarke eventually finishes it off, but mostly spends the track talking smack between verses.

We are not prepared to say whether Chris Clarke is a rapper to keep on the radar or just a dude that cracked his piggy bank to buy some fresh beats. Quite honsestly, judging from the album art, we're not sure if Chris Clarke is one dude or twins named Chris and Clarke. The ying and yang color scheme/apparel choices has us baffled, to say the least. We'll let you decide if you're prepared to invite him (once again, them?) into your life.

Download The Move Maker mixtape here.

Chris Clarke, “What's Happening”

Chris Clarke, “Mouthwash” (feat. Count Bass D, Father Rah and Pause)