Chris Crack, “Thai Food”

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Chris Crack

The links between the Houston and Chicago hip-hop scenes have never been particularly pronounced, but the advent of the internet has blurred regional lines entirely. Enter Chris Crack of Chicago’s New Deal Crew, who proclaims on “Thai Food” that “I ain’t from the south, they just raised me.”

The UGK/Swishahouse influence is apparent in Crack’s music, including his recently released Last of the Lean… EP. On the 16-track project, Crack showcases a dually bouncy and rapid-fire flow reminiscent of Texas’ stalwarts, but sprinkles in enough sarcasm and cynicism to carve out his own lane.

Such is the case on the Pimp C-sampling “Thai Food”, where Crack sets the scene of a day in westside Chicago. In between taking blunts to the face and getting head in the back of a Lexus, he finds enough time to rip the mic while dodging “hypebeasts.” Crack is “Chico Debarge smooth,” but understand you can still “get your chest caved in for disturbin’ [his] turn up.”

He could have calmly strut over the breezy Dutchmaster production, but his nimble flow and intricate lyricism is impressive, especially compounded with his vivid lyricism and sardonic worldview.

Crack’s music showcases an intriguing skillset, which has won him nomination in XXL’s Freshman 10th Spot Freshman contest.

You can listen to “Thai Food” Below.