Chris Weisman, “I Took It Off A Record”

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Singer-songwriter Chris Weisman is somewhat of a time traveler. His lo-fi recordings often cycle through various shades of the indie pop gambit, drawing everywhere from the twee of K Records to the minor-major-minor sensibilities of Elliott Smith to the nocturnal seclusion and vision of Nick Drake. However, like his predecessors, Weisman follows in a long line of singer-songwriters in creating weirdo four-track songs that sound timeless.

“I Took It Off A Record” finds the Vermont native working in the Smithian frame of mind, with its doubled vocal, silk soft acoustic guitar strums, and bass line that guides the melody along a series of diverging paths, weaving in and out of Randy Newman optimism and the Beatles’ twang that characterized their earlier records. Weisman may draw from other records, but he spins them into a quilt that feels wholly his own.

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