Cloudy October is The Metal Jerk

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Portland rapper Cloudy October signed to Fieldwerk in June on the strength of his The Aviator Is Dead EP, then took the remainder of the summer to craft his “Metal Jerk” persona. The Metal Jerk is a terrorist with a short fuse when it comes to other rappers and lurks in the same fuzz tones and distortion the Beasties cultivated on Check Your Head. On “Play” Cloudy October is on a heavy ego trip declaring hip hop shows to be all-you-can-eat buffets. When Cloudy October is not shooting for moon in boasts, he slips into a verbose structure reminiscient of the underground rapper circa freshman year of college. If you miss those days of hoodies and cargo pants, then Cloudy October will hit home.

On “Hairline Fracture”, which is entirely about his recedeing hairline, he takes the self-depreciative humor route. It adds warrant to his claim of being “Galfianakis of this rap shit” on “Play”. The track flips a reggae beat, which somehow gives support to the humor of C.October kicking rhymes like “God, you can take a few inches off my dick, if you'll give me the hair back I had when I was six.”

Cloudy October, “Hairline Fracture”

Cloudy October's The Metal Jerk is out now as a free download on Fieldwerk.