Co La, “Melter's Delight”

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Co La

Co La is the novel project of Baltimore musician and producer Matt Papich. After the success of his previous album Daydream Repeater, Matt Papich is set to unleash a new LP that's even more intoxicating and audacious than the last. Moody Coup is set for release on May 7 through Software Recording Co. To prime us for the complexity of Moody Coup, Papich turned loose “Melter's Delight”, a tempestuous track from the upcoming LP.

“Melter's Delight” is the perfect example of what would happen if Flying Lotus and Shabazz Palaces got hot and heavy together and made a handsome electronic music baby. The track tugs us in with a tribal beat that builds and intensifies as the song progresses. Coupled with beefy bass and samples that are both savage and galactic, this track is the epitome of pristine electronic exotica.