Coke Bust is so much more than just a great name

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Coke Bust are prophets. Because when I was a teenager, sitting in my sheltered little house in the Chicago suburbs – listening to Gorilla Biscuits and Minor Threat, and imagining what a hardcore show should look like, I swear to God that the video above was exactly what I envisioned.

Coke Bust 2009 where they're actually playing is anyone's guess summer tour with Sick Fix (except after August 9):

02 New Brunswick, NJ
03 Boston, MA @ Gay Gardens w/ Blank Stare, Smart Cops
04 New Haven, CT @ fucking Discovery Zone
05 Burlington, VT @ The Hub (Screaming for Change Fest)
06 Montreal
07 Ottowa
08 Toronto
09 London
10 Syracuse, NY @ Spark Art Space w/ Black SS, No Connection
11 Cleveland, OH @ Now that’s class w/ massakari. all ages / 5pm!
12 Grand Rapids, MI @ DAAC *Michigan meltdown fest 3*
13 Lima, OH
14 Columbus, OH @ The Legion of Doom
15 Louisville, KY (TBA)
16 St. Louis, MO
17 Chicago, IL @ Galaxie w/ Duress, Intifada
18 Indianapolis, IN @ Emerson Theater *DUDEFEST*. Sick fix is playing aftershow.
19 Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward
20 Minneapolis, MN
21 Des Moines, Iowa @ Haunted Basement w/ Infernal Stronghold
22 Kansas City, MO @ Wolf Den
23 Lincoln, NE @ Ghost House w/ Infernal Stronghold
24 Denver, CO @ Blast-O-Mat
25 Lalt Lake City, UT
26 Boise, ID @ TBA w/ Hummingbird of Death
27 Seattle, WA
28 Olympia, WA @ TBA w/ Odd Man Out, Outlook
29 Portland, OR
30 San Jose, CA
31 Richmond, CA Voetsek Ami’s 43rd B-Day Bash w/ Voetsek

01 Los Angeles, CA
02 Los Angeles, CA
03 Phoenix, AZ
04 Albequreque, NM (Help needed)
05 OKC, OK @ OKC Infoshop w/ No Mans Slave
06 Austin, TX
07 Houson, TX
08 New Orleans, LA
09 Tampa, FL @ Transitions
10 Miami, FL @ Goo w/ Mehkago NT, Shitsorm
11 Gainesville, FL w/ Shitstorm
12 Raleigh, NC
13 Richmond, VA
14 Washington, DC w/ Asshole Parade, Sick Fix, Positive Noise, Crucial Cause