Cold Cave, “Oceans With No End”

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Cold Cave

Wesley Eisold's Cold Cave announces forthcoming EP Oceans With No End. The former American Nightmare singer turned Synth-pop icon plays all the instruments on this two song release, adding to his ever-growing body of work which transcends a multiplicity of genres. Deathwish Inc, the label run by Converge's Jacob Bannon, will be handling the release in what seems to be a strange tribute to Eisold's past. Perhaps its his way of asserting relevance to a new generation of hardcore kids who didn't grow up reading his lyrics and spinning American Nightmare records. Or maybe he just wanted to work with an old friend.

All speculation aside, Cold Cave has shared the title track of the upcoming record. Four and a half minutes in length, the band sticks to its guns, layering synth, distorted guitars and tinny drums to create a poppy industrial track that's as catchy as it is morose. The announcement comes in lieu of the death of Justin Benoit, a former Cold Cave collaborator who passed last week. Listen to the audio preview for the track “Oceans With No End” below.