Color Tongue, “Be Me A Faucet”

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be me a faucet

Psych-pop quartet Color Tongue–comprised of George Miata, Eddie Kuspiel, Ray McGale, and Joe Mitchell–has been wowing crowds across Brooklyn since its inception in 2014. Born with DIY roots, Color Tongue’s upcoming debut LP, Sprouts, was recorded in its entirety by the band in a shared practice space. “We recorded and mixed everything ourselves in our practice space and my bedroom in Bushwick,” explains George. “Everything was mastered by Adam Straney at Breakpoint Mastering except for “Stitches” which was done by Joe Lambert.” We’ve got the exclusive premiere of their latest single off the project, “Be Me a Faucet”.

A more mellow jam than most, the song starts with a strong acoustic guitar and some very otherworldly sound effects. The vocals are slow and steady, with the repetitive “I’m fine right here” line that boasts contentment in a way that is almost soothing. At 1:52, the instrumentals gain speed–and layers–and “Be Me a Faucet” becomes much more of a hip swaying dance track than we anticipated. It’s very vibey, incredibly supernatural, and we’re going to go ahead and play it again. And again. And probably tonight, with a tall, alcoholic beverage in-hand.

You can expect a lot of fun on this album, as the band played around with a lot of very interesting sound effects. “We took all the instrumental tracks and brought them back to our apartment,” elaborates Eddie. “George’s room is the one room in the apartment with a lot of great natural light, and really cool hanging plants so it seemed fitting to do the vocals in there (Sprouts…you get it). That’s were we really started messing around with some fun ideas like alien voices (you can hear our manager Macy), the last track you can hear kids playing in the street, and then sporadically throughout the record you hear our dog Thunder.” 

Sprouts is due out in August.