Colour of Spring, e.p.

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Leeds based shoegaze/dream pop quintet Colour of Spring – expertly comprised of Shane Hunter (guitar, vocals), Robin Deione (guitar, vocals), Tom Gregory (bass), Mark Rochman (drums), and Charlie Addison (keys) – have reason to celebrate. Their debut EP releases TODAY. In honor of it all, they sent us a track by track run down of the three part compilation to give us insight into their process. We also have a full stream of it below. So get your ears on it!
Love – I started writing this song after totally freaking out over something insignificant that happened, it made me think about how intense and scary the beginnings of falling in love really are. You haven’t worked out where the boundaries are yet and you’re not quite confident enough to let someone see inside your head. I feel like the music really reflects the lyrics and the bi-polar extremes that are experienced in that stage of a relationship.
Echoes – I remember Tom playing this song for me after telling me he had a few ideas for Colour of Spring, it was in our University practice rooms in between lectures a couple years ago. I remember connecting to the lyrics instantly and knowing I’d met a kindred spirit! This song used to be a lot longer with a drawn out intro which we sometimes still do live, we cut it down in the studio because it suited the delivery of the track. Our producer Matt added a lot of delays to instruments on this one, he put one of the delays on the acoustic guitar and right after the first chorus when everyone comes back in there is a super cute squeak from it.
Sun – This is another track we cut shorter when it came to recording. ‘Sun’ is always fun to play live. It’s mainly about wasting days doing god knows what in my second year of Uni. I remember coming up with the chord structure to this after listening to ‘Shine’ by Slowdive, although now the songs couldn’t sound more different! The squealed guitar in the middle 8 gaps are my nod to ‘Mayonaise’ by The Smashing Pumpkins.

e.p. is available now.