Conference of the Birds release organic yet synthetic debut single ‘Satan is Wiser’

Here’s the exclusive first look on Parisian indie-electronica act Conference Of The Birds debut single & video ‘Satan is Wiser’.

The band formed from the disparate ideas of two strong minded individuals – Cesar Pasquet and Daniel Malet, who later teamed with former bass guitarist Kevin Haccoun and drummer Benjamin Benamou. The resulting tension and release leads to both mechanical rhythmic phrases and luscious, melodic vocals that float above a dystopian sonic palette.

Their creative process is insular while remaining aware of their cultural and political surroundings. Working from their Parisian flat, the band isolated themselves from the outside world to experiment with synthetic sounds and textures. Despite this the band’s lyrics are composed with cognisance that they were written in a period of social and political instability.

Conference Of The Birds tell us that “the song Satan is Wiser is about a form of oppression and the feeling of escape that comes from it. As we had very few means to make the clip, the decor had to speak for itself. That is why we chose to film on the Break dike in Dunkirk, which by its very nature represents this feeling: on the one hand, we see oppressive fumes emitting from factories and refineries, and on the other hand, separated by a 6 km long concrete strip, we can admire the North Sea as far as the eye can see.”