Consilience, “Walking Through a Dead Night”

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Walking Through a Dead Night

In their bio, the band promises that “Consilience will transport you to dream world with sophisticated pop tunes that sail smoothly under Tasy Hudson’s hypnotic vocals,” and they certainly deliver. “Walking Through a Dead Night” is the second song off of Consilience’s upcoming album, Under Our Beds.

“I wanted to make a visually interesting song with contrasting imagery that’s at times a little absurd,” explains Tasy. “It’s about navigating your own thoughts compared to others, and how it can often feel alienating even though we’re all doing it. It’s dark, summery and isolating, exploring the compromises of what we want, what we should do and where we are.  A bit of a nightmare masked in a pop song.”

“Walking Through a Dead Night” opens as the piano and strings intertwine to create a soothing duet. Drums join in and the tempo picks up as the vocals begin. Despite the suggestive title, the song is upbeat and optimistic. The band has a refreshing and tranquil alternative pop sound, while still managing to remain captivating.

Consilience’s piano-driven debut album will be out on July 8th.