Cool Calm Pete's heart-shaped beat box

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Cool Calm Pete

As artists began sending their Valentine's Day mixtapes our way, I told myself this was going to be one of the best Valentine's Days spent alone ever. But, when Cool Calm Pete and Modern Shark dropped off his The Ups & Downs mixtape in my inbox, my declaration went official.

It troubles me that Cool Calm Pete neglects to follow up his brilliant debut, but as long as he keeps dropping mixtapes like The Ups & Downs and Over You OST, he'll remain in my good grace. The man has too good of taste in music to hate on his lack of personal output.

Pete kept this mixtape simple, stating it's, ““nothing too fancy, just the ups
and downs… Just keeping in theme with that love
shit… (I know what you’re thinking… but she’d be bummed if I didn’t)”.

Download The Ups & Downs mixtape here.