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I Can Be Dreamy

On the small chance that you only read our first Cool Runnings byte for the alt-boobies, we dug around a few good blogs for a couple new singles off its upcoming full-length and a climate-friendly remix.

The original “I Can Be Dreamy” is a fuzzy waltz that's only been available for download for a week, but Jarred Beeler of Life:Aquatic, under the name Sandals, wasted no time in re-interpreting Cool Runnings' dreams.The Sandals remix recalls Tony Montana's trip to Columbia with its tropicalia flute melody. The vocals are buried in an even hazier drift, pushing the dreaminess into doors of the mind that house our most exotic thoughts.

Cool Runnings appear to be working on a full-length called Teenage Tn. “I Can Be Dreamy” was the first glimpse into the band's future plans and it was soon followed by “I Am You”. We suggest following TeenageTn to stay updated on everything CR, including the unearthing of demos and songs made with former bands. No release date seems to be set for Teenage Tn the album yet.

Cool Runnings, “I Can Be Dreamy”

Cool Runnings, “I Can Be Dreamy” (Sandals Remix)

Cool Runnings, “I Am You”