Cousin Stizz, “Coulda Been”

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Boston MC Cousin Stizz has been on a steady ascendance since releasing his Suffolk County mixtape in 2015. He took the time to reflect on his rise—and what the alternatives “Coulda Been” on his latest single. Over a hypnotic, subdued vocal sample constructed by producer Tee-WaTT, Stizz waxes on the turns his life could have taken.

Coulda been jailed, or laid in a ditch,” he notes. Indeed. Stizz manages to avoid a stale “rags to riches” narrative with matter-of-fact honesty, reflecting on holding on to hope “in the darkest abyss” and a “lil homie” who he lost to cancer. Additionally, he adds a curious qualifier to the track’s hook, noting he “could’ve been schoolin’ or livin’ legit.” Whereas many MCs tend to view the idea of being in the workforce or school as beneath them, Stizz doesn’t seem to be dismayed with that possibility.

For now though, he could be in your city during his upcoming east coast tour.


July 19th – The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA

July 20th – Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC

July 21st – SOB’s, New York, NY

July 22nd – The Met, Pawtucket, RI

July 23rd – Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA

You can listen to “Coulda Been” below.


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