Creepoid, “Wet Bread”

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As the debate ensues if Record Store Day is harmful to small labels, Graveface Records defied the notion by announcing a RSD exclusive 10″ EP with Creepoid. Equally defying of industry norms is Creepoid's output in the first quarter of 2014. The Philly based four-piece's self-titled full length on No Idea is hardly a month old, but the Wet EP promises four new songs, which means Creepoid has been watching a lot of Beethoven in the past year.

On “Wet Bread” Creepoid continue to push the wailing feedback that challenges the endurance of earplugs. Not quite of the sludgy stoner breed but also not a far cry, “Wet Bread” discovers a silver lining of pace in its dregs of downer rock. The brooding dissent of Creepoid is becoming their signature, as though they never survived that snowstorm of '09 that birthed a band out of boredom and cabin fever. They are stale, static ghosts reliving their final hours on record, and yet it continues to achieve refreshing catharsis.

Seek out Creepoid's Wet EP via Graveface Records on Record Store Day.