Crusty dudes jamming: Colin L. Orchestra

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Colin Langenus

USAISAMONSTER was jammy in the sort of way bands should be without being an actual jam band. In case you don't understand what that means, it roughly translates that they had the ability to shred the fuck out without being Widespread Panic or some corny metal band comprised of Guitar Center lifers who want to show off their “chops.”

So if Colin Langenus wants his next project to be spaced out Grateful Dead stuff, then so be it. It's about time “the kids” get over their hatred of Jerry & Co. and maybe this guy with crusty dreads can be the person to make that happen. His new project, Colin L. Orchestra, is the kind of stuff you listen to while high. It also encourages you to do some slowhand air guitar whilst on the pot.

Colin L. Orchestra, “Nothing To Say”