Dag, “Staying Up At Night”

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Impose has for you the exclusive international premiere of “Staying Up At Night”, the first single from next year’s Benefits of Solitude LP from Brisbane, Australia’s Dag. Recently signed to Bedroom Suck Records, Dag are purveyors of bare bones indie pop rock with enough hooks to make the desolation of the isolation oft described in their lyrics sound somehow palatable. On “Staying Up At Night”, Dag again finds frontman/songwriter Dusty Anastassiou staring down loneliness as he chronicles his insomnia in a melancholic, but hopeful way.

“Staying Up At Night” opens as clean, but heavy, guitars are strummed, chiming and ringing with sonorous tones that fill out what corners of the track aren’t taken by the tune’s bright, vibrant bass or tight drumming. Curling around these traditional pop rock instruments are the beautifully drawn out notes of a violin that provide a drama to the song, couching its earnestness in an understated timelessness. During the tune’s brief guitar solo, the instruments flirt with dissonance before succumbing to a cathartic resolution, rejoining the melody as Dag moves towards the sunrise of the song’s finish, a shining end to another lonely night.

Benefits of Solitude will be released February 24, 2017 on Bedroom Suck Records, but you can download “Staying Up At Night” right here, right now. You can also follow Dag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.