Daniel Klag, “Leaflet”

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daniel klag leaflet 3 inch cdr

Sit down and chill out, this one takes a minute. 17 of them, actually.

The sawdust and paint chips have just been brushed off Brooklyn headphone maestro Daniel Klag's latest foray into anti-gravity ambient sound, and it glistens over 17-minutes like an epic with only two severe plot points: a beginning and an end. The center is all internal motion where forward and backwards lose meaning and the only sensation is levitation. It's restrained, almost ascetic in its patience to express this sensation without melodrama, like a silent helicopter circling low over blue Franciscan hills.

Daniel Klag, “Leaflet” (Excerpt)

The track, “Leaflet”, was released as a 3-inch CD-r as part of the French label La Station Radar's “Fake Tape Serie.”