Danny Brown & Black Milk EP

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Black & Brown

A little over a year ago, Impose interviewed Black Milk and the name Danny Brown came up in our discussion. Brown's name was already gaining Internet cred with his The Hybrid record, but for a lot of people it was Brown's “Black And Brown” verse on Milk's Album Of The Year that officially introduced him to the rap world at large.

A year later Danny Brown's name is jocked hard by nearly every indie publication beyond the deeply-rooted hip hop blogs and magazines. He signed to Fool's Gold and released XXX, which we named the Best Album of August. He's touring the country with Das Racist and ushering in a vanguard of rappers that are post-dunn, post-crack, post-rawkus and post-underground, while manifesting characteristics of every era in dead honesty and blatant disrepect for the dinosaurs who never graduated.

In our interview Black Milk assured us more music with Danny Brown was on the way and he made good on his word. The Black & Brown EP is dropping on November 1 through Fat Beats. The EP features the lauded title-track from AOTY as well as 9 new songs. Save for the title track, Danny Brown will handle all of the rhymes on the EP.

While we wait for the EP and Danny Brown to take the stage with a crass “CHECK” in our city, Brown dropped “Brown Eyes” as a free download. The song is produced by Paul White and samples Brian Eno's “St. Elmo's Fire” from his Another Green World LP.

Danny Brown, “Brown Eyes”