Darlings remixed by their Russian stepdad

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Peter Rynsky of Brooklyn band Darlings has a Russian stepdad, who thinks that lo-fi guitar rock is silly. He prefers the soft, sultry warmth of muzak composition, meaning his ideal concert venue is the tight confines of an elevator or waiting room. As an added bonus to Darlings' Pet The Ghost 7″, the b-side is Pete's stepdad, operating as Andrei 4000, remixing “Teenage Girl” of Darlings' debut, Yeah I Know.

“This is a remix of a song off our first album made by my really tall Russian Step Dad. When I played him the original version of the song, he didn't really like the instrumentation and thought it sounded a little rough. So I gave him the files and told him to make it how he thought it should sound. This is what he came up with.” – Peter Rynsky, Darlings

The only thing missing is a music video with a Bobby McFerrin and LeVar Burton cameos on the set of a children's show on public access tv. At least, that's what we think of when we hear this version of “Teenage Girl”.

Darlings' Pet The Ghost 7″ is out now and available for download via Famous Class.