Dear Bill Murray

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William Cody Watson

Dear Bill,

I hope this finds you in good spirits and wonderful health.

I want, no, need to express to you, how important you are to me and every other person on this planet — especially the people that nestle themselves in my “generation.” We owe you everything. We're cool because of you, we're funny because of you; we owe you the world. You mean the world to us.

Me, personally, I didn't exactly have the best relationship with my pops, and so it was Peter Venkman who became something of an cool-uncle-figure (just to be safe and not take a deeper plunge), to the young, up-n-coming William Cody Watson. Hey Uncle Bill, remember when you got slimed? That was AWESOME. Then I started to learn how to grow up. I wanted to grow a beard out and wear the same sunglasses you wore. Everyone idolizes you for being the ultimate cool dude. I idolize you for possibly being sneaky and fucked up, as well as being the ultimate cool dude.

Bill, you're an inspiration, such a guiding presence from a light-filled, wondrous chasm of spirit. You've offered wisdom; you are truly a shaman. You've offered us your humor and also, you've allowed us into your mysterious side. To you, it could all very well be an act. I like to think you peel a layer of your heart and soul with every scene you give us.

That feels right to me. I love you for that.

I hope you enjoy my record I made for you, if you ever listen to it. I hope you understand my motives and even if you hate the art, I hope you respect the motivation.

Through Confusion & Sincerity,
William Cody Watson

William Cody Watson's Bill Murray LP is out now on Bathetic.