Deastro, Keep Clear EP

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The many faces of Randy Chabot's Deastro project has grown a new head on the Keep Clear EP. The earliest Deastro sounds, dating back to a solo bedroom creations, could be described as music made on the hopes World of War Craft would add a night club to its gaming experience (Chabot was ready with “The Shaded Forests” and “Michael, The Lone Archer of the North Sea” for licensing). By Moondagger, his last full length on Ghostly Intl., he'd transitioned from fantasy to sci-fi, seemingly sounding as though he was transmitting his music from light speed signals in an undiscovered galaxy.

The current face of Deastro is one more easily placed within the industrial wasteland of Detroit where Chabot resides. The Motor City was always a source of influence in his music, songs often dedicated to the injustices of a metropolis fallen, but on the Keep Clear EP he no longer hides Detroit in a nebulus metaphor of archers and constellations. Last year Deastro put out the Incinerator EP, which at times sounded like Derrick May collaborating with Suicide, deeply industrial and claustrophobic. On Keep Clear, Deastro allows some of those old habits of fantasy and sci-fi to trickle back into his music. He's no longer brooding, but he's also can't be mistaken for a sprightly, frolicking hobbit.

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