Death By Unga Bunga, “FleshSweatPush”

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Norway’s psychedelic punk rock band Death By Unga Bunga is revving up for the release of their new Fight! EP September 9th. (Yes, that’s right. TOMORROW.) It’s their third release this year  following their fourth album Pineapple Pizza and the reissue of their debut album Juvenile Jungle tomorrow, and they are still going strong. As a last “Hoorah!” before the final countdown, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of their track “FleshSweatPush” available right now.

Guitar riffs. Stunning and notable from the very beginning, as the punk vocals set in. The vocals hold a sense of clarity that is difficult to place in a lot of today’s punk rock, while maintaining a level of static noise that gives “FleshSweatPush” the raw sound the title would suggest. Double entendres abound, this song is an absolute party song.

So party on, Wayne.

Fight! is out September 9th. Keep up with the band here.