Fonda, “Seeing Stars”

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Fonda's Emily Cook and David Klotz

LA's Fonda premieres their new single, “Seeing Stars” bringing the return of the duo's stargazer sound to the scene with the first listen from their forthcoming full-length, Sell Your Memories. The combination of screenwriter Emily Cook and film music director David Klotz's collaborative chemistry began back in '98 when Rodney Bingenheimer touted their single “Crazy Love” on KROQ from their debut Musical For Beginners EP, that led to the album The Invisible Girl made with a little help from former Mighty Lemon Drops member David Newton. This was followed by The Strange and The Familiar, then Catching Up To The Future, before a hiatus that saw the “Spy Kids (Save the World)” song before returning with 2011's Better Days EP. Their new album Sell Your Memories presents the two taking their career's span of romantic edged sentimental pastilles into the sonic streams of guitars forged from familiar and recent pasts to inform the alternative pop landscapes of both the present and tomorrow.

From the upward stares, “Seeing Stars” twinkles with a cadence that presents David and Emily's sound steeped deeper into the 90s alternative undergrounds than ever before. “There's nothing that you can say that can keep me away from you…you know I can read your mind it's there like an open book,” these thoughts that get the two of them through compares star-struck notes of adoration while the guitars wail overhead like lo-flying jumbo jets taking off and and landing over LAX.

The chord shift before the 2-minute mark presents the tricky complications of attractions like guitar axes breaking down the gates of Phaedra. Emily stands like an angel with a sword outside the walls of Eden with taunts of, “…And if you touch me you know you can't survive”, striking through the heart with the sucrose and sodium sadism of, “the thought that gets me through, is knowing this hurts you.” Like clouds and archangels swirling above, the guitars continue to gather, crash and multiply as the star seekers reckon, “You know there's no place to go, just a world inside my head.” From the mental to physical manifestation of these worlds; Fonda's evolving aural aesthetic resounds with the amp accelerations of 1993 in 2013.

Fonda's album, Sell Your Memories will be available February 5, 2013 from Minty Fresh.