Def Rain, “Love It When”

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Def Rain

The name might make one think Russell Simmons has launched an ambient label, but Def Rain are a North Texas two-piece signed to the ever indelible Pour Le Corps. Born of the ashes of hip hop crew Neeks, Ashley Cromeens and CJ Abe Lincoln formed Def Rain in 2011, secretly sharpening their western grooves into a casual cool of surfy post-punk for three years.

With Twitter endorsements from Wayne Coyne, Def Rain's live incarnation is gaining magnetism that transcends its chill recordings. “Love It When” is not moving mountains, but setting up camp in the side of one and casting smokes signals out into the desert. Cromeens is stoned and paralyzed to the nuanced dances of a desired other. The bass provides the proper danceable movement in “Love It When” that's accented on the bridge with plucks by the ghost of Link Wray.

Def Rain's self-titled cassette is available for pre-order on Pour Le Corps' Bandcamp. Limited 100.