Derde Verde with their latest single "Ready to Fall"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Los Angeles based rockers Derde Verde have been quickly paving themselves a trail to the Holy Grail of rock. Previous releases have included the melancholic “Staring Into Dying Light” and the slightly more raucous “Turn,” but the three-piece never feels too abrasive. They have a knack for turning the gears up just the right amount, but never pushing us away. Derde Verde with their latest single “Ready to Fall” does just that, pushing us up to the edge of our seat and pulling us back post-chorus. It’s a dramatic give and take within music, singer Dylan McKenzie’s vocals reaching a poignant level, containing a more persevering level of emotion.

Regarding the track, McKenzie added, “Ready to Fall” is about letting go of the need to stay rigidly in control, submitting to something outside of yourself. There is a bit of fear and sacrifice in giving up what is comfortable and known, in order to open yourself up to the unexpected and ultimately to grow.” This marks new territory for Derde Verde, their instrumentals expressing a new level of understanding, acceptance, and appreciation.