Diamond Mind, “Blind Hills Chapel”

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Edmonton, Alberta’s cross-genre collective Diamond Mind has been making a name for themselves in the fold of progressive Canadian musical acts. After a quick listen to any one of their songs, it’s obvious as to why. Each one visits a different sound – many more than one – and it somehow connects in a succinct and gorgeous way. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of their latest track, “Blind Hills Chapel”.

A wavy, beautiful cacophony of sound swirls around you, like you’re actually inside the speakers. This is true whether you’re listening in a car, through meager, cheap plastic earbuds, or on surround sound. (Trust us, we tested it.) Then the slow, melancholic vocals set in, “I don’t give a good goddam” making you feel the release of all of the fucks you may have given before. As you’re enveloped in the layering of instrumentals, your mind feels at ease.

It’s a welcomed pause in your day. Enjoy it.

Diamond Mind’s debut album Heavy Metal Sunshine is due October 7th. Keep up with their bandcamp for more information.