Dick Diver, “Tearing the Posters Down”

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A brighter side of post-punk reconstruction is in full swing in Australian quartet Dick Diver’s new single, “Tearing the Posters Down”, the second single off their debut album, Melbourne, Florida, out March 10 on Trouble in Mind Records. The track presents a calming blend of retro surf-rock trebly twang in scaling succession, against a shaking steady drum rhythm and throbbing bass. The chords are a shimmering compliment to the tranquil harmonies that run through the whole song, cleverly alternating the centerpiece of the song from guitar to vocals, and back again.

The trailing transition from chorus back to the main theme is vaguely reminiscent of that token last song of an 80’s movie, giving that “inspirational” feeling, and setting in a feeling of curiosity and resolve. Following their perhaps more bass-centric “Waste the Alphabet” single, “Tearing the Posters Down” hints at a tasteful and pretty balance of bass and guitars, coated with the niceties of harmonic knowledge.