Dog Chocolate, “Everyday’s The End of the World for Someone”

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Dog Chocolate

When given careful, morbid consideration, the end of the world is a very subjective concept. People die every day, and it’s the end of the world for them. Makes sense. But perhaps beyond that, it’s also the end for those remaining loved ones, be they family or friends, who can’t move on. Such is the matter of Dog Chocolate’s self-descriptive, chaotic wailer, “Everyday’s The End of the World for Someone.” The song, their first single off their Upset the Rhythm debut, Snack Fans. “Everyday’s” kicks off in a fury, tripping over itself with the lyric, “The Mayan calendar wasn’t right, it’s the end of the world tonight,” and only explodes outward into a whirling apocalyptic tremor of tumbling guitars crashing over unsteady, desperate vocal shouts coming from all ends. Indiscernible fuzz rings on the one side, sometimes heaving into tumultuous riffs, while on the other, the resonant clang of a trebly guitar penetrates through with the [actually pretty pleasant] melody. You can practically see the mushroom clouds, even if the band is speaking beyond them. Everyday.

Snack Fans is out March 18. You can stream “Everyday’s The End of the World for Someone” below.