Dog is a band of cyborg mutants from Hell

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“This is scary.” That was my first thought when I saw Dog play for the first time. The singer, whose name I don’t know because there’s literally no information about them online, was wearing a large orange robe, the hood was covering her head and she would rock back and forth as the drummer and guitarist would conjure up dark and simply evil drones. With vocals masked under heavy distortion, they’re more like chants than anything else, and they sound like they’re coming from something very not human. Listening to their music makes me feel like I’m being sucked into a huge pit of hell fire and destruction, but I can’t resist this darkness, as if I’m being brainwashed into crossing over to the dark side. Going off their song titles, one might get a sense of what they’re going for: “Cyborg Messiah”, “Ninth Gate to Deep Resevoir”, “Key Man Back at Midnight”, and of course, “Great Frog Deity of the North”. It’s definitely not of this world, but these aliens can jam. Listen to “Malokian Horse Hounds” below.