Dolphins Into the Future, A Star Maker, Strange Dreams, and Clairvoyance

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Today NNA Tapes dropped a batch (batch dropping! the new way to release in 2012!) and the first one to tumble out onto my speakers was the new Dolphins Into the Future. Lieven Martens, the ebbulient Belgian behind the project, has been steadily droppng for several years now (the Discogs page is a lot to deal with), most notably, in my mind, a wonderful split with Monopoly Child Star Searchers (Spencer Clark from Skaters) in 2009 that I remember first catching my eye.

We have the first side here for you to stream, and it's pretty amazing. DITF combines what sounds like a modified theremin or an auto-tuned saw, or just maybe some really creepy Birdsongs of the Mesozoic-type vocals with lots of deftly-placed, tinkling bells and other less identifiable ocean sounds. DITF is obsessed with sounds of the ocean, but also sounds of the historical ocean, and he applies this obsession to his work with the mission statement “I create Cetacean transfers”. While listening to this work, you might experience a temporal transfer for sure. Definitely one to pick up.

Dolphins Into the Future, A Star Maker Strange Dreams and Clairvoyance (Side A)

Also worth noting: if you are on Belgian time you can check out Martens' radio show, which they don't archive and starts at 4 am EST. If you hear it, can you let us know how it is?