Dopplegangaz re-releasing 2011's Lone Sharks

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Nestled away in upstate New York, the Doppelgangaz pair of Matter ov Fact and EP came out of the shadows to drop one of the year's most creative rap projects back in March with their HARK long-player. That album showcased the self-proclaimed Ghastly Duo's knack for mustering up dusty, static-flecked beats and embellishing them with rhymes that elaborate on what they call the Black Cloak Lifestyle. Next week they're continuing the HARK assault with the debut of a video for the album track “Barbiturates” that EP promises will feature lots of “one-handed rowing” action. After those visuals hit home, they plan to direct their new-found followers to their vault of previously released music, starting with 2011's Lone Sharks album.

“Right now we're working on getting ready to re-release that on wax and CD, but with some bonus tracks,” EP says. “The extra songs will be some instrumentals that came about during the same time period that we recorded Lone Sharks. What happened was, they were beats where we started a song and scrapped the song 'cause it wasn't working for the project, but 'cause we're still big fans of the beats we didn't want them to end up unheard and in the stash.” He adds, “It's the same vibe as Lone Sharks so if you're up on that album you should enjoy them.” If you're not, we suggest directing your eyeballs to the eerie “Suppository” flick for a glimpse into the Black Cloak world.