Drull, “Ivory Lock”

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Philadelphia trio Drull work the drum and bass arts between the high-end instrumental, sparse vocal sparkle that runs through the XLR cable connections to an assemblage of backyard analogue consoles. Producer Elijah brings to life the sound's illuminous qualities to be more than a spectrum graphic equalizer on the board with instrumentations under the tutelage of Sadot, with Arlyn commanding all matters pertaining to the ambient and vocal related. A three-piece that works in directions from the previous solar bound expressionism of “Star Boy” to the hyper calm waters on their new love cloud deluxe on, “Last Train to Aberdeen“; this group throws off the pebbles of trap and trip for something new and something that is their own.

Which brings us to our debut of “Ivory Lock”, that drives Drull's rhythmic routes into a steady course of 808 restraint. The analogue distortions of keys to the sampled scrambled harmonies maintains an ambitious take of dance track adventurism that carefully applies a brush of fuzz to obfuscate the origins of certain sound syntheses. The ivory keyboard co-pilots propel laser blast battles that answer Drull's world trotting rhythm standards with a symphonic oeuvre built out of a re-envisioned and reformatted noise collections often found in the crowded cabinets of video arcade halls. The group gave us the following statement on their found sound lock creations:

“We use all analog gear and real synths, We also go around recording sounds we hear in the world and some up coming songs have grand piano real string samples among other things.”

Feast your eyes on Drull's mesmerizing keyboard trance inducing tasers with a premiere visualization of, “Ivory Lock”. Let the clouds open up before you, as the percussion and bass tones guide you into a multidimensional geometric realm of many palaces. The minor keys are the hand rails that take you into the many rooms of flashing images and rich hues of chromatic splendor. Watch as the kaleidoscopic patterns, meet, break, and bend while the audio distorted effects plume the final images like mosaics painted on the low frequency, paper-coned face of a rumbling woofer.

Drull's single “Ivory Lock” will be available soon from Future Garage / Alura Records / Thrift Soul.