Ducks Unlimited, "Age Of Entertainment"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Toronto-based musician and jack of all trades Tom Mcgreevy is the brainchild behind the brand new band Ducks Unlimited. While they work on an EP to bring their music to people outside their new live performance sphere, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of their new song “Age Of Entertainment”.
50s doo-wop meets 80s synth is quite possibly the best way to describe the track, as Tom’s vocals hit almost otherworldly sound spaces with their slow, reverb-filled drawl. The drawl is befitting of the subject matter, as we’re taken on a journey that leads to a very dark place.
Tom had quite a bit to say about the track.

“Age of Entertainment” is the first song I wrote for Ducks Unlimited. It was recorded while the band was still in its primordial phase, and I put most of it together in my apartment with the help of several friends. Paul Erlichman, who plays in Germaphobes played bass and arranged the strings, Lee Rose, who plays in a band called Planet Creature played Paul’s violin parts, Jesse Crowe from Beliefs contributed backing vocals, and Michael Butler who produces under the name Beta Frontiers mixed it.
It’s about trying to distract yourself from what feels like an impending bout of depression and gradually realizing that a person you’re engaging in that distraction with is going through the same experience. I think sometimes that’s something that can help to pull you both out of it, but this is more about when the opposite happens. It’s unhealthy, and you probably know that when it’s happening, but sometimes there’s a strange warmth in giving up with someone else.

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