Early Morning Rebel, “Set The World On Fire”

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Early Morning Rebel has been no less than killing it with their music, and in the entertainment industry at large. Not only do they write and produce all of their music, but they direct and edit every music video and their website itself is a multimedia experience. Their videos have made appearances on MTV2 and MTV Rocks UK, among other placements. A number of songs from their existing music catalog have been placed in different shows, including – but not limited to – Criminal Minds, Parenthood, Bo Jack Horseman, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Grey’s Anatomy. They are currently working with VICELAND on new music compositions.

But we’ve got a treat for you. Today, we have the exclusive premiere of their latest track, “Set The World On Fire”, which is set to be featured on TNT’s Murder In The First.

Slow, simple. If Sons of Anarchy were still in production, we can imagine this song being featured on it. The vocals are deep, yet crystal clear, as he sings, “I’ll set the world on fire for you.” True, it’s a love song, and the most raw and raspy one we have heard in quite a while. The progression of the instrumentals mirrors the idea of setting something on fire, as it gains traction at a pace all its own. It’s beautiful, almost heartbreaking, and sure to leave a mark.

Frontman Nathan had a bit to say about the track as well.

I wanted to write a love song that felt heavy and achy. I also wanted it to be completely naked and stripped down. We tried a bunch of different approaches when producing, and finally we came back to that single note guitar. The sonic landscape that it created was so compelling and simple. Sometimes its easy to layer a track and over do it. We decided to at least establish the track stripped all the way down and vulnerable, and towards the end, it starts to get more embellished. We labored over the song for a while and it became a very precious and focused process. The final outcome feels simple and easy to listen to, but it took some wrestling to get there. I also wanted to try different ranges with my voice. I started it really low and subdued, and by the end I go up an octave and tried to decorate the track with some color. Its one of my favorite tracks we’ve done.

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