Eat Skull sign to Woodsist

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Eat Skull

Eat Skull now on Woodsist?! Guffaw! Way to do a 360 after last year's LP on Siltbreeze (don't correct us, we barely understand the difference between the two labels).

We have no official statement from the band responsible for one of our favorite records of 2009 as to why it has jumped to Woodsist, we only know it's cause for excitement. Hopefully there's no hard feelings towards the Siltbreeze camp, but frankly that's the least of our concerns. We are just high on the news of a new single and another LP by the end of the year.

Eat Skull's Jerusalem Mall 7″ is out January 26 on Woodsist. It features two b-side outtakes from the band's Sick To Death release.

Eat Skull, “Don't Leave Me On The Speaker”