Echo Courts, In The Garden

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Greensboro, North Carolina’s psych pop hexad Echo Courts has a gorgeous new album set to release on Friday, August 19th. Until that time, you can stream it in its entirety here on IMPOSE.

Listening to Echo Courts is like stepping back in time, listening to that quintessential 70’s album you couldn’t get enough of. Their work brings us back to more simple days, lending a calming atmosphere and hippie vibe to detract from modern stressors. Between the vintage-sounding guitar chords, the gorgeous three-part harmonies, and the tambourine – which, in my opinion, may be the most underrated instrument of all time – you will find your inner self dancing. In The Garden is like going on an adventure, and its content allows you to both celebrate life and to ponder your future, much as the band itself was during the making of the album. It allows you to see that not everyone has their shit figured out, and it’s a beautiful thing to feel connected in that way.

This entire album is on our Labor Day barbecue playlist. Don’t skip it. You might learn more about yourself from their words and tranquil instrumentals.

In The Garden is out August 19th via Negative Fun Records. It is available for preorder here and here.