El-P leaks another from Megamixxx 3

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Once a series that required catching an El-P tour spot or some keen internet savvy, the third edition of the Wereallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx is getting an official release through Gold Dust.

Definitive Jux is finito, but it's a pleasant relief to know El-P is staying busy by making good on his word to honor Camu Tao and by unleashing another monstrous instrumental megamixxx on our begging ears. A few months back he leaked “Whores (The Movie)” on his Facebook, which I totally spaced on posting here – my bad. The plot thickens with “Meanstreak (in three parts),” which begins in typical El-P sonically soundtracking the apocalypse fashion. As the tension builds to what some might to expect to transition into an electro-freak out, El-P flips the whole shit into a G-funked up slight remix to “You Gots To Chill” passing blunts to LL Cool J's “Going Back To Cali”- perhaps El is over that paranoia shtick.

Hey, it wouldn't be a byte about instrumental hip hop without invoking the name of Dilla, right? Thanks for clearing up my concerns, press release:

While sonically different from J
Dilla's instrumental masterpiece Donuts, that album would prove
inspirational to El-P. “Like Donuts, I wanted to keep things
short and to the point. I think that's an aspect of instrumental music
that so many more people can relate to. I didn't want anyone to listen
to this record and at any point get bored.”

Wereallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx 3 is out August 3 on Gold Dust. Its intention is to tide you over while El-P works on his next solo record, which could happen next year or in five years, given his meticulous recording style.

El-P, “Whores (The Movie)”

El-P, “Meanstreak (in three parts)”