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This exchange program between musicians from South Africa and vocal contributions from Chicago's Serengeti is generally electro with a chance of pleasantly processed guitars, but it goes off the map more than a couple times. Some of the tracks on João Orecchia's Hands and Feet resort to a sort of smooth electro-IDM that we've heard more provocatively on early Prefuse73, but with aforementioned sunny guitars tacked on. Other tracks are plain odd, like the aptly-titled “When I Feel Weird,” which takes a Brazilian-feel ballad and adds unadultered, tweaking electro-skronk that sounds like The Machine rising (yep, ethereally), into glitch heaven. The rad Faust cover of “Sunshine Girl” gives you an idea of their more southern and sunny tendencies, too.

João Orecchia, “Sunshine Girl”

João Orecchia, “When I Fall In Love”

Hands and Feet is out November 10 on Other Electricities.